Counseling and Pastoral Care

Counselling and Pastoral Care

Counselling is fundamental to a person’s recovery from an eating disorder. Recovering from an eating disorder can be difficult without addressing the underlying issues. Counselling can help to come to terms with family situations, bullying, anger, loss, trauma or hurt.

Paying for Care offers counselling after you have undertaken eight mentoring sessions. It is a prerequisite of I*EAT that if you access counselling you have to have healthy eating support alongside counselling.  We offer to counsel through the Oak’s Counseling Service. The Oak’s counselling service is a separate charity who work closely with us.  In order to access counselling with the Oaks, we will help you to arrange an initial assessment with them. All of their counsellors are registered with a professional body. If you access the Oaks counselling service you will be expected to pay a fee for your counselling sessions, this will be greatly subsidized and means-tested and will be discussed at your assessment.

P4C has two pastoral care workers Sarah and Bob They offer up to 6 weekly 50-minute counselling sessions or unlimited depending on your circumstances. Neither has suffered from an eating disorder, but this is found to be more of a help than a hindrance as the sessions are more to do with the underlying issue than the food. They are both sensitive, caring & professional members of our team. Our Pastoral workers do not charge a fee.

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