How has COVID-19 impacted people’s drug usage?

A rise in the number of people taking drugs

Since the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, more people have been reported to using drugs as their way of coping with the inability to go out and the anxiety associated with the pandemic.

Even though many people were encouraged to stay inside and social distance to avoid catching COVID-19, some people would rather take the risk to get access to drugs.

There has been a rise in people shifting from casual users to taking drugs more frequently. Whilst some people may see it as a way for people to pass the time, it is also a potential pattern of addiction.

How restrictions affect rehab centres

As the present restrictions are always being monitored and changed based on the current situations across the UK, it has an impact amongst addicts and their families that desperately want to get help for their loved one at a residential rehab centre but may be unable to because of any current restrictions.

Rehab centres have been able to adhere safely to current restrictions and ensured the safety of their patients and staff, but people may choose not to go into rehab as they believe the timing is not safe.

Individuals who are struggling with an addiction should not risk delaying it because of COVID-19.

Getting the right treatment is important, and rehab centres are operating in a safe environment.

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Finding the correct rehab centre is crucial for long-term healing. Without travelling to the correct treatment centre, it is can sometimes be difficult to acquire the right help.

getting addiction help at a rehab centre

Getting help in a safe way

As mentioned, there are rehab centres doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their staff, patients and any potential visitors that may arrive.

  • Frequent testing upon staff and patients
  • Encouraging people to be fully vaccinated
  • Maintaining social distancing where possible
  • Limiting face-to-face contact before the patient arrives at the rehab facility

It’s necessary to get help

Please visit the NHS website for free information and resources on how to get assistance if you are experiencing addiction and would like more information about help and treatment.