The reason why dentistry is such a popular option is that good dental health is imperative and worth paying for.

It’s not always fun or easy to take care of your teeth. Flossing is not much fun and neither is brushing your teeth.

Sometimes it’s tempting to skip doing things in our oral care routine like brushing teeth the two times a day that we should be.

Most of us have been guilty of neglecting or oral care health at one point in our lives or another. Perhaps we didn’t realize just how important it is to maintain our oral health.

Have you ever gone to bed without brushing your teeth?

A lot of people are probably guilty of doing that. However, did you realize that it is worse for you to go to bed without brushing your teeth than it is for you to wake up and leave your house without brushing your teeth?

That is a fact! It is worse for you to go to bed without brushing your teeth because when you go to sleep without brushing your teeth, you have all kinds of germs that build up in your mouth that can just eat away at your teeth.

Teenagers are major consumers of sports and energy drinks so that is the reason that dentists saw a spike in the incidence of teenagers with teeth problems. However, as you age, it becomes even harder to take care of your teeth.

Anti-ageing isn’t something people usually associated with teeth or the mouth. However, as age affects every other part of the body, it impacts the teeth too.

Here are 7 treatment options to keep your smile looking as young and as healthy as possible:

1. Teeth whitening

Drinks such as red wine or coffee, or smoking, can cause staining and discolouration of your teeth.

A brighter smile looks more youthful, so there are a number of teeth whitening products that you can opt for.

You can choose from a variety of treatments – from laser whitening to an at-home gel – in order to lighten the shade of your teeth.

Additionally, using a regular fluoride tooth whitening toothpaste can be an easy way to keep your youthful smile, although these are not as effective as designated treatments.

2. Dental bonding

Another whitening option, dental bonding can be easily placed by a specialist dentist. A composite is placed over your teeth to give you a whiter and gleaming smile.

As well as sorting out those pesky stains, bonding can be used to fix imperfections such as chips or uneven teeth, so that not only will you have a white smile, but an even one too. More here. 

3. Veneers

Opting for veneers is a step above bonding. Porcelain veneers are coverings that are made to cover the entire surface of your teeth. Veneers are incredibly strong, so they will not only make your smile look more youthful, but they will strengthen the function of your teeth.

Veneers are incredibly durable and are intended to last a very long time. So the investment is worth it!

It is important to seek the best quality veneers to ensure that your teeth are not filed down unnecessarily and that they will not chip or fall off.

Click here for the answers to commonly asked questions about veneers.

4. Crowns

If your teeth have deteriorated and are not suitable for veneers or bonding, then a crown is a great option for you. Whereas veneers cover only the front of a tooth, or fix a little chip, a crown will be placed over the whole tooth to give it a completely new look and feel.

5. Dental implants

If you have one or a few missing teeth, a more long-term solution to either partial or full removable dentures is dental implants.

These are fixed into the jaw, making them a permanent solution to missing teeth.

So you will have a gleaming full set of teeth that are completely comfortable. Removable dentures can make some people feel old or conscious, so implants are a great solution because they strengthen the jaw, and revive all tooth and mouth function.

6. Dental bridges

Bridges use implants to bridge dentures. These are a good option because instead of a dental flipper or partial removable denture, you can fill a gap left by 2 or more teeth with a bridge which is permanent and natural-looking.

Learn more about dental bridges here.  

7. Adult braces/Invisalign

Braces are not just for children or teenagers. If you would like to straighten your teeth as they age and move around a little, then you can opt for adult braces or Invisalign. More here.